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Neal Alpiner, MD Double Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pediatrics

Patients with head and/or brain injuries are referred to Dr. Alpiner, a Concussion Specialist.

Dr. Alpiner recently testified as a medical expert on Concussions before the Michigan State Senate regarding Senate Bill 1122.



Listed are the most common symptoms of a concussion. However, ANY change in baseline is considered abnormal and needs to be reported to a qualified medical provider.


1   Somatic Symptoms: headaches, dizziness, nausea, sensory irritability ( bothered by lights, noises, touch), neck pain, feeling of being “off”, balance issues, fatigue

2   Mood Disruption: irritable, depressed, anxious, easily angered, wants to be left alone, seems to be in a “bad mood”

3   Sleep Alteration: loss of productive sleep, difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, having frequent awakenings or excessive sleepiness

4   Cognitive Symptoms: fogginess, poor school performance, deterioration grades, difficulty getting along with others, memory changes, attention/concentration issues, impulsive


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The Rehab Doc in Action

Dr. Alpiner recently spoke with teenage athletes  as Beaumont Hospitals launched a free new screening program to help coaches and doctors assess concussions… read the full article.

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